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Our European adventure and attempt to reduce environmental impact

I recently returned from five amazing weeks traveling around Europe, with a side-trip to the US. As someone passionate about the environment, you can understand more about my thinking here, and Oceans for All is where we are planning to offset our travel as well. Check out the calculator for yourself.
I truly believe that if we can afford to travel, we must make a commitment to offset our emissions – either personally paying for it or by booking through companies that offset credibly on our behalf.
With that said, the predicted rate of growth for the travel industry is so high, eventually it will not make a difference to offset at all. It is - quite simply - an industry that needs to start shrinking, and yet it continues to grow. But that’s another story…For this trip, we were committed to being as good as we could, beyond what we couldn’t control. I also decided I would learn and observe, so I could share it here.
Maybe it will get into the right hands, maybe it won’t? I’ll keep pushi…

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