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A year of honouring amazing friendships around the world

I’ve been on the road, travelling and living around the world, since 1995. I’ve lived and worked in Melbourne, London, Boston, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Phuket, Noosa, Singapore and now, Phuket again. Before I left Australia in 1995, I had already built an amazing community of friends, who I adore to this day. And since then, so many more magical people have come into my life.
While this has been amazing, there is a hard part to it – missing the day-to-day moments. The sorrows, the joys, the celebrations. I’ve tried really hard to stay connected and involved in the lives of people who are special to me – social media is the greatest for this – but still, you can’t help but miss important stuff.
On this journey of life, I have always believed it is the people you get to meet that stands out as one of life’s greatest privileges. They are definitely the family you choose. I also think I’ve had a better run than most in the magnificence of the people who have come into my life.
Time to …

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