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Seeing the world through the boy’s eyes is fascinating

I caught up with my mum after our US trip, and she loved reading the updates and watching the videos. People, like my mum, were the reason I put so much effort into capturing our travels. Chances are she will not be able to get to the US in this lifetime.
Anyhoo, mum made the observation: perhaps you are giving the boys too much?
This is something Steve and I think about A LOT! They do have a privileged life, and they are very lucky little dudes, but is too much? Then again, what is too much?
We focus on giving them experiences, versus stuff (although they have good stuff too) and we take them to places where they see glorious things, as well as really tough things – as an example, we don’t shy away from taking them to a slum. We want them to know the realities of this world, so they can appreciate what they have, although we can’t genuinely expect them to express appreciation until they’re old enough to know it is true.
However, mum’s comment also took me back to what my friend, Kirsti…

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