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Looking back, looking forward, embracing hope

If I think to where my mind was this time last year, it was in despair. Despair at the possibility of a Donald Trump Whitehouse. Despair at the direction our world was heading in. Despair at division, hatred, and the impossible chasm that seemed to open between opposing ideas. How could we be in a place where hate speech and separation was acceptable? Where disregard for another’s suffering was the norm?
The start of this year was a nightmare for me, and I couldn’t shake it off for months.
But I’m a really positive and hopeful person, so I eventually got sick of feeling that way and decided to say fuck it – let’s go and make the most out of this life, regardless of the bullshit.

I detached from world affairs as much as I could (and trust me, I’m never detached from world affairs) and I tried to see the beauty in life. It was hard though. I remember going to bed - after putting the Easter eggs out on Easter Saturday night for the boys - saying to Steve: we could wake to nuclear …

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