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Are you excited about moving to Phuket?

A question I have been asked a lot, and here’s the answer. No, no I’m not. Not yet. In fact, I don’t know if I ever will be “excited.”

Not only is there too much shit to do to even remotely get my head into the idea of what this move entails, it’s just hard to be excited about something you never intended to do.
Besides life is good in Singapore. Happy. Easy. Things are rocking.
Not to forget, we’ve attempted a move to Phuket before – years ago, when the boys were as little as you can see in the photos. Tiny bubbas back then. Neither of them did a solid shit the whole time we were there… oh and Jax got electrocuted within the first week too. We knew it wasn’t the right place for us – back then at least.
But we have to go to Phuket – for Lex. He needs it. And that is the only reason we are making the decision to go. I think the other challenge we’re struggling with is banking everything on this move for Lex. We are definitely anxious about the results, and even though I know deep in my so…

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