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I have to say it’s a Christmas Miracle in our house right now

Decorating the Christmas tree with my lads, traditionally, has been nothing short of annoying. I’m gunna be honest here - they’ve always been completely useless in helping me get to the final conclusion one is aiming for – a reasonable looking tree.
Historically, well since kids came into my life, the majority of their time (while decorating said tree) is invested in smashing expensive decorations, or taking tinsel/beads to get the cats to chase it. Thanks, my loves. Super helpful….
With kids, you take what you get right?
The other element here is, it’s also a job I’ve had to do myself in recent years, because for the last couple, Steve had to be in the US for work at this time of year.

But I’m pleased to report, this year, everything changed. The biggest change was sharing memories as we put the tree together.
We collect Christmas decorations as we travel around the world. It’s amazing, you can buy Christmas decorations at any time of the year, in any part of the world – I’ve noticed.  …

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