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There are too many children crying, hurting and dying in this world. It needs to stop

A few years ago, I wrote a blog – The haunting moments of broken bones – following a particularly brutal evening, where for one hour, I was locked out of surgery at the hospital, listening to my son – Lex – screaming for his mum. I was helpless and couldn’t come to him as they re-set his broken bones. I’ll never forget that night. It was brutal.
But it was nothing compared to what we are witnessing around the world today. The experience with Lex ravaged me, but he had his mum there with him, cuddling him, reassuring him, crying for him, empathising with him…. You can get a kid through anything when they have you by their side.

Hearing and knowing that kids are hurting so much everywhere in the world – and yes, it’s not a new thing, but I believe we are an evolving species – well, let’s just say, I’m bloody sick of it and it just makes me want to scream – WHAT SORT OF A FUCKEN WORLD ARE WE BUILDING HERE?
Obviously, if we just stick with current news, we have the revolting situation happen…

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