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It’s been one year since we landed in Phuket. Time for an update

I know everyone thinks time is moving fast, and I feel that, but it can also feel slow and ponderous, especially when moving and adjusting to a new country. So we made it through the first year, and I can say it’s been intense, but equally, we are all happy and settled, at last.
To be honest, it was only a couple of months ago I wasn’t sure if I could be happy here. All three of the boys were happy and Aunty Vick was smiling more too, but I couldn’t say I was leaping for joy.
It was only recently that’s started to change. I miss it when I’m away and can’t wait to come back – usually arriving just in time to attend a dinner party that finishes at dawn! Crikey, they take two days to get over.
More than that, I think my happiness here is down to how well the boys are doing, as well as how much I’m really treasuring the quality time I get to spend with Steve. That’s a special part of this experience for sure.
Of course, a HUGE part of our joy is the awesome people we’re getting to know and …

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