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It begins, conversations on life, the universe and fear

My friend Anna Flinn came over recently, and we were in social media planning mode for her impending TEDx talk. We got to chatting and drinking wine (as gals do), and our conversation evolved to things we really wanted to do but hadn’t gotten around to yet. We’ve all got them, right?
For me, it was launching a Without the Bollocks video conversation series, where I spend time with great pals from around the world, and we simply catch up on life, lessons learned on the journey, and then we talk about our deepest fears, all while drinking great red wine.

I have wanted to do this for the longest time, because I’ve often found that when people voice their fears and are willing to pull them apart, they realize these fears are controlling their lives, and yet in almost every case, completely irrelevant. Perhaps if we can just let these fears go, who knows what is possible?
I’m not talking about phobia-type-fears. I’ve certainly got a couple of those. I’m talking about the shitty voice in our…

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