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Keeping sane in the chaos of an international move

We’re moving countries. Not only that, we’re keeping 25 per cent of our life in Singapore, moving 75 per cent to Phuket, and the boys are getting ready to say goodbye and embark on a new school adventure.
For Lex, this is a happy process. He’s been in therapy all year and has no mates to play with. He’s missed friends and definitely wants some girls around him! We can’t wait for him to get started in the Arrowsmith Program.
Jax, on the other hand, has had an incredible period of stability at the Aussie School and he will soon be saying goodbye to his bestie. He’s not ready for the move yet, and while I know he’ll adjust and be happy, Steve and I are keeping a close eye on him to ensure he gets whatever attention he needs to adjust in the move.

And then there’s Steve and I. My last blog had the video of us chatting through what’s going on, but since then, we’ve been in the reality of it. There is A LOT to do. So many tiny details. So much shit collected and shoved away in cupboards to be…

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