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2019 the year I started facing a torrent of depressing knowledge

I’ve had a tough start to the year, really tough. I’m usually not one to get down and stay down, and I’ve been trying to reach out to people to talk too, but find myself holding back, because I don’t want to burden anyone. The other side is, I honestly don’t know who can help me get clarity here.
I’ve cancelled catching up with people too, because I’m just not in the right mind to be around others (sorry if I cancelled on you) and well, it makes me bad company. This is not me. I’m usually happy and hopeful. So, what has me so blue? Simple, the environmental crisis facing us all. And I am down because I have heard the message, yet I don’t think the message is getting through. And it’s especially not getting through to those who need to hear it - those that can make the big changes that will result in the biggest impacts to address this enormous challenge.

It started in October 2018When the IPCC report came out in October 2018 (there’s a problem on the IPCC site, so here’s the Facebook page…

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