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Hi I’m Andrea Edwards. Without the Bollocks is my personal blog and it is a brand that has been lovingly nurtured with the hopes of one day achieving something huge. First and foremost, I’d have to say Without the Bollocks is my brains’ best friend, as it’s the first place it goes to when trying to make sense of this wild and crazy world we live in. It doesn’t always get it right, but it’s constantly trying to sort through the bullshit to get to the heart of the stuff that rumbles in my head day and night. Without the Bollocks has brought a little bit of sanity to my brain, as it finally has a sanctuary to go and explore, but equally, to get all of those chaotic thoughts out and down somewhere.

Mothers' Day Love!
But it’s also my hearts’ best friend. Whether it’s motherhood and all that entails, marriage (and all that entails), work, friendships, aging, religion, travels, adventures… well you name it, if it makes my heart tick, it also goes to Without the Bollocks for it’s nurturing presence in its life.

Without the Bollocks is really important to all of me. It’s my most important blog, and while there are many times I know I should be doing something more “productive,” I know there is nothing more productive than taking care of my sanity. It’s got a big place in my life.
As a bit of history, I’ve had a pretty terrific life, with lots of experiences in the mix. I grew up in country Australia, went to university in Melbourne studying music and ancient history, joined the Australian Army as a musician, entered the world of public relations, and then decided to head off around the world. That was 1995 and I'm still going, having lived in London, Boston, NYC, Thailand and Singapore - with a couple of short trips back to Australia in between.

I’ve been Singapore-based for more than a decade, and I’m a lucky girls with an adorable husband and two rambunctious sons. My professional background is communication strategy and content marketing, with a focus on B2B, technology and creative writing. My passion is people from all walks of life, and the amazing diversity of this extraordinary planet. I reckon life is pretty great, even though it can be crap sometimes too. I love to blog and I’m the proud writer of three blogs – this one Without the Bollocks which is all about life and how my brain interprets it, my professional blog, Communicating Asia Pacific focused on all things communication, and a kids’ adventure blog for Singapore and adventures around Asia. Hey what can I say, I believe in the power of blogging and personal branding.

Love my Boys!
You can connect with me on Twitter @withoutbollocks, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. If you’re interested in my professional ramblings, about content marketing, communications, personal branding or social selling, feel free to connect with me there as well. My other batch of social connections linked to my career are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thanks for taking a look. It’s a lonely world blogging in Asia, so I always appreciate a visit.

Yours, without the bollocks


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