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For the last two days, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Asia Professionals Speakers - Singapore - Annual Convention. My friend Shaun McEwan told me about it and I am so glad he did. It was the greatest professional learning experience of my life. Seriously. Thanks Shaun.

I found creative enabler, graphic facilitator Tim Hamons from

This event attracts the top professional speakers in the world - you know, the guys and gals that get three figure sums for speaking at events and to corporations. Every single one of these leading lights came to share their knowledge, experiences and insights into how they became the top Professional Speakers on the world stage. The IP they gave freely and humbly was mind-boggling, and this aspiring speaker (i.e. me) now has the tools and insight to turn a long-term dream - hopefully - into a reality. I’m not 100 percent sure which direction I want to take this ambition of course, but now I can see a road-map. Before I didn't even know where to start.

To give you an idea of the caliber of people I met, here they are:
  • Ron Karr - I missed a large chunk of Ron, but equally, as I spilled my coffee and scrambled to get comfortable for my first presentation of the two days, I sat there in shock - almost disbelief - at the high quality and value he was delivering
  • Lesley Everett - wow wow wow was she really sharing so much with us? I knew I was still in disbelief and I walked away very inspired and motivated by the experiences she shared in running her own international speaking business
  • Robert Bradford - let me tell you this is one smart and funny dude. Not to mention, he really did make his clients more than $50 billion. Oh so much to learn!
  • George Walther - my word, what a story, so fantastic - if you get a chance to see him speak, take it - he’ll make you laugh and cry. And I have to agree with him - normal is boring. Of course, I also got to see his red underpants and a photo of his naked "shriveling" skinny dip in the Antarctic. Brilliant guy
  • Debra Fine - Debra was so understated and real, but most importantly for me, she changed my mind about self-publishing and helped me see the power it gives you - she was a great giver of her knowledge 
  • Sam Silverstein - apart from reminding me of my favorite uncle growing up, he’s funny and so right - No More Excuses! Superb. I got a lot of clarity from Sam and can't wait until his next book comes out
  • Ava Diamond - Ava is awesome. She could not share enough knowledge with us. She gave away so much great information - practical stuff, but she also gave her heart. Ava made me appreciate the concept of the manifesto and why it is so powerful. I’m already working on mine
  • Scott Friedman - a well-loved speaker by all, Scott is all heart and he stirs emotions in you. You can see why he is loved. Fabulous stuff
  • Jana Stanfield - what a fabulous, loving, entertaining, funny and brilliant woman. I missed her very first performance on day one, and when I met her later on I felt gutted I didn't see it. I got a little on day two and just thought she was a magical human being
  • David Price - a fellow Aussie, I can only describe his speech as a musical symphony with a steady drum beat of incredible humor, brilliance and motivation. He’s a top bloke and I felt honored to hear him
  • Andrew Bryant - one of the MCs, delivered a speech at the end of the second day that got us all pumped up. He’s got a fascinating story, so understanding his journey and hearing his message was superb
Let’s face it, everyone above is on my list of people I admire now - a list we all need, because exposing ourselves to great people - inspired people, intelligent and passionate people - well it helps us to grow and be better ourselves.

But the greatness of this event was not only due to the people listed above. There was a gamut of panel speakers and people participating, plus an audience of people - some like me, as well as many firmly on their journey - and everyone was superb, open, welcoming, giving, funny and driven. It’s the community I've been looking for and it felt great to be amongst it.

It obviously won't surprise you that I felt incredibly privileged to be at this event. I had access to the minds and hearts of people who are changing the world, and that is wonderful. But the thing that really stood out was the amount of sharing.

Tim Hamons
If you know me, you know I’m a sharer and a supporter. People often ask me why I do it? Why do I put so much time into my blogs and social channels? Why do I give away so much? Well I do it because I believe that in the last 20 years, working and living across four continents, travelling across five, perhaps I have something of value to add into the knowledge mix. I don’t think I’m right, I just have a perspective and I think it’s important to participate - hopefully  inspiring younger professionals in my field, or perhaps helping peers to understand where I’m coming from and why. There are many reasons to share, some practical, some heartfelt, but I believe we all have something to offer and I don’t think it’s optional anymore. We all need to be sharing and growing together. It's just the world we live in now.

However I also know this mindset isn't “typical.” There are not many people in Asia participating in this way, and my goal is definitely to get more people involved and passionate about what this new age of information really means and why participation is so important. 

Therefore, for me to have two days learning from people at the top of their game in the professional speaking game, giving me everything they've got to give, well that was special stuff. The professional speakers associations around the world believe that sharing with others in their field elevates the entire profession. They are so right - and have proven to be right - but this is the first time I've ever experienced it on such a scale. It wasn't lip service. In fact service and abundance were two words linked to the profession over these couple of days. Magic.

These great people have given me so much, but mostly they've given me a road-map to a future I know would make me happy as a pig in shit every day of my life. Are there any words that can really express how much I value that?

So thank you everyone for a remarkable - and truly life-changing - experience. I was a newbie and you welcomed me with love. Very special.

Yours, without the bollocks



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