Sort Shit Out

Today is officially my first day “back at work” with the boys out, Steve working and the house relatively quiet. I've got my ‘Fuck it, Enough’ crusade to focus on of course, but that’s swimming along nicely now – although my thoughts continue to be my biggest challenge. Work-wise I’m waiting for things to move and for overdue payments to happen (and if you've read my blog, you’ll know how much I hate waiting) so what to do? Well I sat down this morning, ready to rock ’n’ roll and I drew a blank – I just couldn't think of anything to get my teeth in to. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to do, but I just couldn't think of what those things were.

Whenever I feel lacking in purpose, it is always the same - the blues start to tickle my mental peripheries. But with my renewed focus on being joyful, today I thought no way and asked myself: what can I do to make sure this doesn't take hold? I know, I’ll sort some shit out that has been driving me nuts for months and get busy being busy – that’ll work. I’m definitely the sort of gal that needs to be really busy.

Anyway, we moved into this apartment two years ago on a temporary basis, as such, we’ve never really moved into it, if you know what I mean. Therefore, everywhere I look is stuff that hasn't been sorted out properly, or needs a home, or needs to be cleaned up. Sometimes I hope it bothers other people as much as me, so they’ll sort it out, but that never seems to happen – funny that. But the truth of the matter is it REALLY shits me that this stuff remains unresolved, so why not sort out the stuff that shits me for my own peace of mind and get busy to boot?

Therefore today I tackled the kitchen, sorting out the shelves above the sink where everyone stacks stuff randomly (so you can’t find anything or it takes a gargantuan effort to find what you want when you need it), and I put the booze in a cupboard, as opposed to it attracting cooking fat as it sits on the kitchen bench. Good, it looks better, being busy kept my mind on good things and I got a little sense of achievement to boot.

Now I need to adopt a better planning practise – something I've always been good at but have let slide in recent years – planning my days the night before. That way, I’ll start the day off great, because I’ll already have a list of things to do, in priority order, before I even go to sleep the night before. For me, I definitely know that planning my days effectively and getting busy when I’m not busy is a great way to distract myself from the unsavory aspects of my mind.

Therefore two lessons today – get busy any old way and plan!

Anyone else relate?

Yours, with the bollocks

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